• We are proud to announce, that the Employment Solutions Structural  Steelwork team on site at AWE have once again won both the Health and Safety, and the Security awards for the project for last month.

    Thanks and well done to everyone who contributed with their time and efforts.

    Mensa H&S Challenge Cup
  • Seal Sands SNF
    Quantity of Steelwork 1200 tonnes ES Steel have worked as part of the Harry Peer's Steelwork team for many years and were approached to supply 12 contractors for the SNF project. Peers were awarded the contract for the main production building and warehouse, as well as the associated pipe racks and loading facilities for the new facility at Seal Sands. This project involved 12 ES Steel contractors who were instrumental in plant building, erecting steel frames and portal frames as well as pipe bridges and gantries.
    Seal Sands SNF
  • Lotte Chemicals
    Quantity of Steelwork 1500 tonnes. A legacy of the former ICI site at Wilton on Teesside which has since undergone a number of changes in ownership, Lotte Chemical UK is a subsidiary of KP Chemical Corporation – part of the Lotte Group, one of Korea’s largest corporations with annual sales in excess of $45 billion. Working as part of the Harry Peer's team, ES Steel were delighted to be part of such a prestigious project which involved the erection of 9 structures in total (40m. high, over 5 floors.) ES Steel supplied 24 contractors on this site for a period of 12 months.
    Lotte Chemicals
  • Port Clarence TV2
    Quantity of Steelwork 1800 tonnes Construction of the second energy from waste project (TV2) in Port Clarence in Tees Valley on Teesside. ES Steel have a long-standing relationship with Harry Peers Steelwork and have partnered them on extensive structural steel projects. We supplied 40 highly skilled contractors to assist on TV2 (which along with TV1 are two of the most innovative renewable energy projects in the world and the first of their kind in the UK.) The contractors were on-site for 18 months and were involved in erecting, installation as well as remedial work.
    Port Clarence TV2